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Message from principal

Message From Principal

Army Public School Bhopal in the past 25 years has carved a niche for itself and firmly believes in individual growth and development of every student. Carrying this legacy forward, it is my pleasure and honour to introduce myself as the Principal of this esteemed institution.

As the Academic Head I look forward to partnering with all the staff members in the growth and development of the school holistically. As the Principal of APS Bhopal, I dream of a school which recognizes and values its culture and heritage. I see teachers who are driven to apply their best in teaching and learning practices, teachers who inspire students to achieve their full potential and find every opportunity to share best practices with their peers.

I see teachers who make data driven choices to direct their practices and know that everyday is a new opportunity for them to learn in the same way as their students do. I dream of classrooms, staff rooms and offices as being flexible learning spaces of collaboration. I see students, parents and staff members sharing all the good news and information that inspire each other to strive for even greater outcomes.

During this unforseen trouble, APS Bhopal has earned support and cooperation from each and every parent, guardian, student and faculty member at every step and I look forward for the same collaboration and support so that we will embrace all the challenges with confidence, steadfastness and fortitude.

Thank you With best Regards,


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