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1. School students are required to attend the school assembly and
observe order and decorum befitting the occasion.
2. The Principal will be available to visitors during the school hours
on working days. It is advised that the visitors may kindly take
prior appointment for any discussion with the Principal.
3. Repeated absence without valid reason shall make lead to
disciplinary action.
4. Observance of rules of discipline and good behaviour is a
condition essential for school students
indulging in activities such as stealing and indiscipline shall be discharged from the school. The decision
of the Principal shall be final in such cases.
5. Student who is late will not be allowed to enter the class without permission of the Principal.
6. Pupil suffering from contagious/infectious disease shall not be permitted to attend the school. A
student returning to school after an infectious disease should produce a fitness certificate from M.H./
Medical Specialist.
7. Student who do not observe/comply with school regulations/rules will be strictly dealt with.
8. No child will be permitted to leave the school during school hours.
9. The school is not responsible for the loss of goods. Students are advised not to bring valuable or
cash to the school and in case of loss, school shall not be responsible for the same.
10. The school wiil observe gazetted holidays as declared by Govt. of India and the restricted holidays
by the discretion of the Principal / Management. Any holidays declared by Govt. of India on TV or News
Paper wiil be observed as a holiday.
1. Visitors are not allowed to enter the school campus except during visiting hours.
2. Entry to class rooms/staff rooms is strictly forbidden for all visitors.
1. Every student is required to bring the student's diary with him/her to school everyday.
2. Diary should be maintained and kept properly in all respects. In case it is lost, a new one shall have
to be purchased on payment.
3. Always get the parent's/guardian's signature whenever required or else a student may not be
allowed to sit in the class.
4. Note down all instructions regarding home work and class work in the diary.
5. Never leave the school or class without prior permission of school authorities.