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Today’s world is the world of achievement but achievements do not come alone it comes with competition, expectations and responsibilities. We as parents and teachers expects our child to do good not only in studies but also in co- scholastic areas. Our expectations put them in immense pressure where sometimes they find it hard to deal with it. That’s where the role of counselor and counseling cell comes in light.

The counseling cell of our school helps students to explore, clarify issues related to their academic and personal life i.e. time management, concentration, peer pressure, sibling rivalry. At the same time it helps students in developing resources and coping strategies in order to deal with their difficulties.

School Counselling cell not only talks about problems and their solutions but it also offers opportunities which help students to get to know themselves better and to identify their strengths and to help them to overcome their limitations and in setting realistic life goals. The main focus of the School’s Counselling cell is to help students in developing positive hopeful outlook towards life.

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