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The medium of teaching is English, school follows the common
syllabus, courses of studies and books prescribed by AWES &
CBSE Delhi.
1. Admission test is conducted in February/March every year.
Only for classes IX-XII
Admission to class XI would be as per AWES new rules & regulations :
A child seeking admission in class- I should have completed five
years as on 31st March.
2. Admission to class XI will take place from 1 June 2015 to 15 June 2015. Decision on allocation of
streams to students will be taken by 15 June 2015. Therefore all students desirous of admission will
have to deposit fees for April 2015 - June 2015, in addition to Admission and other charges as
3. In case a student does not get admission in the desired stream and seeks to change his school,
he/she may do so without payment of fees before 10 July 2015. Those who delay seeking transfer
beyond 10 January 2015, will have to pay full fees.
4. The following to be submitted during admission time :
(i) The Transfer certificate of last school attended countersigned by DEO.
(ii) Photocopy of progress report of previous school.
(iii) Parents transfer order for Class X & XII students.
(iv) Registration card in case of admission in Class X and XII.
Application for transfer certificate should be given in prescribed format at least 8 days in advance by
parent/Guardian of the pupil concerned.

TC Form

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The application form for T.C. is enclosed at the back of the school diary.